A great 20 minute introduction and discussion about the “Amen break” a 6-second drum break from a 1969 recording that became the basis for much Hip-hop and electronic music. Ends up with a rumination on the effect of overprotection of copyright and how it inhibits music today.

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Patrick Daly, a regular at Angelica’s Bistro Open Mic does a cover of the new John Mayer song “Who Says”. Starts at about 1 min into the video. Close your eyes. Tell me who what you hear…


Allison Weiss, an acoustic Open-Mic singer/songwriter does a really cool cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”. Watch the whole thing…

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The Roland HPD15 Hand Percussion Drum Pad looks really cool for anyone who wants to play a van-full of hand percussion instruments, but doesn’t want to carry them around. It doesn’t look like the playing style is very authentic, but the sounds are kind neat.

Yet another toy I’m not going to get.


Zee Avi, originally from Malaysia, is the newest artist on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records label. Acoustic, sounds a little like a younger, female, Jack Johnson. Amazing voice!