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World of Blues

This site is a labor of love by a few pals who enjoy the blues and would like to pay something back. We’re blogging about the blues and we have some simple pages to help gather information to be shared with other blues fans. Check back often, we hope to do great things for all the blues lovers and artists out there. If you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to leave a comment here for all to enjoy.

A great blog that’s a blues lover’s treasure trove, with sections on Traditional, Delta, Acoustic, Chicago, Female Vocal, and Contemporary Blues.

World of Blues

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B A Scene.com (Bay Area Scene)

Thanks for the headsup from @alevin

BAscene.com is all about celebrating our local bay area artists and the raising of awareness of our diverse art scene, music scene and cultural scene in the bay area. We are providing an alternative platform (other than a soapbox) for bay area artists. All in an attempt to rejuvenate the local bay area scene. To achieve this goal it is essential to be a positive and highly interactive force so please contact us for any input. Help us open the doors of opportunity by connecting local artists, local bands, and scenesters in the bay area. We want to take the power back, out of the hands of corporate radio and of promoters and give it to you.

Also, @bascene on Twitter. Also, I’ve just started listening to the May 09 “The Noise” podcast and I love what I hear (from local Bay Area bands)!

B A Scene.com (Bay Area Scene)

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Bay Area Open Mic Directory

Adina Levin and I were discussing how frustrating it was to go to an Open Mic and see a great performer and then never find out who they are and where to find out more.

Well, problem solved (thanks to Adina!) Bay Area Open Mic is a site where folks at open mics can list themselves (names, websites, twitter, where they are playing next, etc) so that interested folks can follow them as they perform around the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have recommendations or ideas, you can leave comments on the site itself.

Bay Area Open Mic Directory



Beatport is the recognized leader of electronic music downloads by DJs and fans alike delivering content in premium-encoded formats that match the professional performance quality standards of the world’s leading sound systems. Beatport.com allows users to access the world of club music through secure, legal, hi-speed, high quality downloads in MP3, MP4 and WAV formats on a pay per download basis from an impressive library of the world’s leading independent labels.

They’ve also got a podcast chock full of music (apparently) called “beatport burners” searchable on iTunes (though I couldn’t get any of the podcasts). Big thanks to Choxigurl for the heads up!

Also see Beatportal, their electronic music/DJ enthusiast community site.


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